Our Patients Speak


Don D.

Greetings HOPS family!

I want to thank you for the great care and concern during my rehabilitation from the complete left knee replacement surgery. Working with Loretta and Kris the past two plus months has been a pain (what else would you expect after major surgery :) and a pleasure. They are well educated on current treatment and exercises for my condition and convey this knowledge in a friendly professional manner that the average person can easily grasp and apply on their own during rehabilitation. To me, it was a "no brainer" to return to HOPS for physical therapy since I was first utilized their services in early 2011 after having my total hip replacement. I was totally satisfied with their efforts to steadily improve my muscle strength and mobility at that time. Nothing has happened to change my perspective of my overall experience at HOPS.

Janette, offica gal extraordinaire, is a pleasure to deal with on the phone and in person. She is courteous, polite, well informed and professional in dealing with my insurance and billing concerns. So, if you are looking for a friendly, professional physical therapy group, I highly recommend looking no further than HOPS Therapy Services. I believe you have made a very good choice that you won't regret.

Have a great day guys!

Joyce G

I was coming to HOPS Therapy for bout 2 months and working with Steve for my middle finger. My middle finger would lock and the tendons in my right hand were stiff. With this happening this was very scary and thought I needed to get checked out. Steve made a custom hand splint which has helped. I would recommend HOPS Therapy to  others because they are kind and I was given therapy recommendations on what therapy to do and what not to do. HOPS have the attitude of telling the truth, giving treatment and not giving the treatment you don't need.

Jan W

 This is my 2nd trip to HOPS.  Loretta took great care of me following my  knee replacement surgery and now Steve is helping me with my broken  arm.  Kris filled in while Steve was on vacation.  I love these gentle,  caring therapists.  I had great results following my knee replacement  and I'm making a lot of progress with my arm.  Thank you guys! 

Anna R

I hurt my shoulder and was unable to sleep on my side, style my hair or even place my hand on my hip. My Physician sent me to HOPS Therapy, and I not only avoided surgery but can sleep on my side, style my hair and touch the small of my back. I now have "pain-free" full range of motion. Most recently, I joined their "Post-Rehab" program and have made gains with strengthening my entire body.

Steph M

I am so glad i decided to come here! This is my second time coming here for two different injuries. Steve, Kris and Loretta have been extremely awesome at taking care of my knee and my back. They are very knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about their profession. I'd recommend them to everyone in need of physical Therapy.

Stormi M

The staff at HOPS are wonderful. I had PT with Loretta during pregnancy  due to really bad SI joint pain and her work and suggestions nearly  eliminated the pain.  I am currently undergoing PT with Steve for  rehabilitation from a shoulder/arm surgery and cannot say enough great  things about how quickly I feel like I'm progressing and feeling better.  I would highly recommend HOPS to anyone wanting excellent care from  people who are truly kind, caring, and put their patients first.