Hand Therapy

Carpal Tunnel

Steve our hand therapist can help reduce the symptoms Carpal Tunnel by performing a complete evaluation to determine the main cause of the problem.He also can recommend custom hand splinting, and specific exercises for you. 

Tennis/ Golfers Elbow

Steve can help identify what activities might aggravate symptoms, and discuss modifications. A custom splint might be recommended to help rest the area. Different treatments such as stretching, strengthening, exercise, ice, heat, ultrasound, massage and estim will could be recommended for healing. 


Steve will work on decreasing the pain and increase hand function.

Custom Orthoses


Often times people are issued a "One Size Fits All" prefabricated orthoses following their injury. This one size fits all approach is not  appropriate when attempting to provide the optimal joint protection and immobilization. Certified Hand Therapists have the skill and knowledge base when it comes to fabricating the correct orthoses. Due to the complexity of the upper extremity custom orthoses are truly the answer.   


Specialty  certification in hand therapy was established in 1991 to recognize  occupational therapists and physical therapists with advanced clinical  knowledge, experience and skills in the practice of hand and upper  extremity rehabilitation. It assists consumers and the health care  community in identifying those therapists who meet the rigorous  standards required of Certified Hand Therapists, including five years of  practice experience with 4,000 hours or more in direct practice in hand  therapy and successful completion of a comprehensive test of advanced  clinical skills and theory in upper quarter rehabilitation. There are  over 5,500 Certified Hand Therapists worldwide (HTCC definition).