Dry Needling

How it works

Dry needling works by causing a microlesion within the pathological tissue thus breaking up shortened tissues, inhibiting a reflex arc from the nervous system to the tissue, normalizing the inflammatory response, and centrally medicating the pain.

Dry needling covered under insurance?

This is a Physical Therapy treatment therefore insurance should cover dry needling. This will apply to your Physical Therapy benefits. Please research your benefits to see if you have a copay or if Physical Therapy will apply to a deductible.

What conditions can be treated?

Dry needling can be the best alternative to treat chronic pain conditions vs medications that will be harmful to your body. Conditions include, but are not limited to neck, back, shoulder pain, arm pain(tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, golfer's elbow), headache to include migraines and tension-type headaches, jaw pain, buttock pain and leg pain (sciatica, hamstrings strains, calf tightness/spasms).