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58 year old male - Bilateral Total Knee Replacements - I underwent knee replacement surgery.  Before starting with HOPS Therapy Services I could barely walk!  Now I have no problem walking or doing anything!  Thank you for your constant words of encouragement and kindness with every treatment session.
-Carl C.

49 year old female - Partially Torn Rotator Cuff - I hurt my shoulder and was unable to sleep on my side, style my hair or even place my hand on my hip.  My Physician sent me to HOPS Therapy Services, and I not only avoided surgery but can sleep on my side, style my hair and touch the small of my back.  I now have "pain-free" full range of motion.  Most recently, I joined their "Post-Rehab" program and have made gains with strengthening my entire body.   
-Anna R.

55 year old male - Rotator Cuff Tear - After rotator cuff surgery I was very pleased to have Steve Vojtko and HOPS supervise the rehabilitation on my shoulder.  Steve was thorough and very attentive to my needs and developed customized exercise program for me.  The equipment available to me was very impressive.  My rehabilitation was very structured and complete.  I would recommend HOPS to anyone trying to recuperate from a physical injury.  
-Robert H.

10 year old boy - Neurological Disorder - I can now get on and off the bus by myself




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